Social Tennis Sessions

Social tennis sessions are suspended as long as we have to limit play under Govt and LTA guidelines. 

In normal times, social tennis is at the heart of the club.  All sessions are doubles play, and everyone mixes in. If you’re new to the club it’s a great way to meet everyone and enjoy some decent tennis.

Wednesday 7.00-10.00pm – all members apart from Midweek

Sunday 10.00am-12.30pm – all members apart from Midweek

Midweek (off-peak) social tennis takes place on Tuesday (am & pm); Thursday (am) and Friday (pm). For more details of Midweek social tennis contact

Just turn up and join in. Balls and lights (where necessary) are all on the house.

US flag 1Americans are held on the first Sunday of each month. All results build towards the annual race for winners – one Lady and one Man.

All adult and intermediate members are eligible to enter and play in monthly Americans, including Midweek members. Monthly and Annual Prizes.