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You can also download/ print a copy.

Key Information: 

Club Rules

All players must abide by the club rules. Read them here.

Club Access

Gate padlock code: 2568

Clubhouse code: CY25689

If you’re the last to leave (any time of the day) you need to ensure the clubhouse is secure by closing the door and if the sliding doors are open, close them. The padlocks also need to be locked on both gates.

Court opening times 

Mon – Saturday: 8am – 10pm

Sunday: 9am – 10pm

Weekdays, floodlights must be turned off by 10pm. Floodlights not to be used after 8pm on Saturdays and 6pm on Sundays.

Priority Playing Times

Juniors: Saturdays, 10am – 1pm. No adults allowed to book a court. Adults can play on court with a junior.

Adults: Saturdays, 1pm – 4pm. No juniors allowed to book a court. juniors can play on court with an adult.

Non-member parents/guardians of Child members (under 8’s) are permitted to hit with their children if there is a free court, but must vacate the court immediately if other club members wish to use it when there are no other courts available.

Tennis balls 

Members are welcome to use the tennis balls provided on the racks in the club house – maximum 4 balls per court. If balls get wet during play please place them on the drying rack.

Please be considerate to our neighbours when playing at the club/ parking outside and when leaving, particularly later in the evenings.