The Club Tournament runs annually. Entry opens in April and then matches are played from May onwards, with the Finals being played in September. Entry is free for all Junior and Adult members.

Other regular club tournaments are on our club calendar and include Americans and Tie Break 10’s

Competitive Tennis – Adults

We have various teams competing in different leagues. This includes:

  • 3 men’s teams (A, B and C), 2 ladies teams (A and B) and 1 mixed team in the Watford League
  • 2 men’s teams (A and B) and 1 ladies team in the Hot Rackets League
  • Men’s and ladies teams in the 45+, 55+ and over 65’s in the Vet’s League

You can keep up to date with the teams progress in the Watford League here  and the Hot Rackets League here.

How do the competitive teams work?

  • Anyone interested in playing is added to an appropriate team relevant to their ability (don’t worry about working out which team you best fit, the coaches and captains will help you identify this) which creates a pool of available players for a team
  • Captains ask the pool of players (usually co-ordinated through WhatsApp) for their availability for matches across the season
  • Captains select the team for each match, balancing performing competitively in the league alongside giving any member that wants to the opportunity to play – helping build members confidence, playing technique and supporting junior members development

Here’s a few questions that are often asked, to help decide if competitive tennis is something you want to get involved with and you can make the required commitments.

Where do I have to travel to play matches?

In leagues, clubs play each other at home and away and in committing to playing in a team you need to be prepared to play in both home and away matches. Depending on the league, the matches could be Hertfordshire wide.

How long does each match last?

Playing time is usually around 3 hours per match.

When are matches usually played?

  • Hot Racket league is weekend only, daytime games. Approximately 6 matches are played across May – August.
  • Watford League games are played mid-week in the evenings, usually Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays (doubles on Thursdays and Fridays) and start time is usually around 6.30pm. 12 matches are played across April and August.
  • Vet’s are played weekends. Matches are played September – May.

How many people play in a match?

There are different numbers of players depending on the league. In hot rackets 4 players make up 2 pairs of doubles. In the Watford League, 6 players make up 3 pairs of doubles.

Can I join a team mid season?

Yes, although some teams collate players availability at the start of the season so you may find yourself being a reserve in case someone can’t play a match.

Does it cost anything to play? 

Entry to the leagues is covered by the club. In some leagues, it’s customary after each match for the home team to provide drinks and snacks to the other team. Ate each match (both home and away), the captains collect money from each player to contribute towards providing this (usually £4).

If I want to play competitively for the club, who do I speak to?   

Speak to the Ladies Captain (currently a vacancy so speak to Margi or Fiona for ladies A and Alaphia for Ladies B) or the Men’s Captain Lewis Jacques). If you don’t know who they are, just speak to a club coach who can connect you.

Competitive Tennis – Juniors

 We field competitive teams across our juniors throughout the year. Speak to the coaches to find out more.  



League Captains

Have you got 30 minutes a week to spare to support the club?

To enable even more members to take part in competitive tennis, we need members to captain teams that are entered into the various leagues and enable us to expand the number of teams we have entered.

What the role of a League Captain involves

  • Setting up a whats app group of players that want to play in the league
  • Collating members availability for matches (you get sent a list of all the fixtures at the start of the league season)
  • If dates aren’t pre set by the league, arrange dates to play with captains of other clubs and any other required communications (e.g. cancellation of matches due to weather)
  • Enter scores on the LTA website after the matches

Please speak to the Club Captains if you’d like to find out more/ volunteer. It would be fantastic to see even more teams entered into leagues, but we can’t do this without volunteers and support across our membership.