Every year members are asked to complete a Club Survey, giving all our adult and junior members the opportunity to let the Club Committee know what they like about the club and areas we could improve.

In 2022, 131 members responded (about 30% of our membership at that date).

Key strengths  

Overall, members are very happy with the club, giving us an average ‘happy with the club’ rating of 8.3 out of 10, exactly the same as last year. This contentment is reflected in the likelihood to renew, which came in at 8.9/10, also exactly the same as last year. These ratings are consistent across all our different membership groups.

Amongst the 8 people that were unlikely to renew (6%), almost everyone cited health or moving house as the reason.

The main reasons for liking the club still evolve around our friendly atmosphere, great coaching, and nice facilities.

Finding Enough Opportunities to Play

Ease of finding a court was rated 7.0/10, and access to coaching sessions 7.0/10. This is slightly down vs the 7.3 and 7.3 from last year, which is probably a reflection of the fact that we now have about 80 more members. However, it is comforting that we still have such a balance between these two scores, because we need to satisfy members who want to play games, and also the 56% of our members who want coaching lessons.

We have managed to create a lot more opportunities to play social and competitive tennis. This year 70% of respondents says the amount that the club organises “is just right”, while just 30% would like more. No one wants less.

The biggest area of improvement continues to be ‘ease of finding someone to play at a similar level’. Just like last year, we were rated 6.3/10 on this, but underneath this is a slight improvement among women, and a slight deterioration among men. Juniors and FT’s still struggle the most to find suitable opponents, with a score of 5.5/10 and 5.6/10 respectively.


Respondents have made many positive comments about the coaching staff and programme.

Women’s Tennis

A whopping 31/34 women feel that we have improved the tennis experience for women in the past year. The most popular thing we could do for Women according to the 34 female respondents, is to continue to organise some female tennis-related fitness sessions like Cardio tennis, Tuesday Tennis Coffee, Zumba Tennis etc.

Club Communications

Members are still very happy with the quality of club communication, rating it 7.9/10 in terms of being well informed, pretty much in line with last year’s 8.1. Almost everyone (95%) feels the amount of communication is just right, and the overwhelming majority wants to get it via club emails (94%).


Facilities are often mentioned as a reason why people like the Club. But open comments suggest that members wish we had a nicer clubhouse, or at least made better use of the limited space we have. The most popular options for the side of court 4 were permanent shelter (53%), a furnished patio (46%), and a hitting wall (43%).