Coronavirus and Staying Safe at Cassiobury TC

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Coronavirus and Staying Safe at Cassiobury TC

Club closed until further notice as a result of the current virus crisis. Please check back here again soon for more updates.

Tennis is still a permitted sport according to government guidelines. But all players and visitors must take precautions at our club.

Wash Hands before and after play, and before you drink or eat anything at the club.

Bring your own drink or food; no club refreshments until further notice.

Don’t shake hands – wave a racket and smile instead.

Keep a good distance – at least 6 feet – from others on court and around the club.

Limit Clubhouse use – only use the clubhouse for washing hands, dropping a bag or clothing, or using the toilet. No waiting around or gathering in the clubhouse until further notice.

We remain positive. The clocks will change soon and the days will lengthen with warmer weather on the horizon. Many of you will be working from home with children to look after so there will be plenty of opportunities to play tennis with family and friends – so let’s do it responsibly.

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